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Windows operating system
Windows operating system

Operating system

Which operating system is good for any computer? Is Operating System Selection Better for an OS Notebook? As a rule, although users purchase laptops from a pre-installed Windows operating system, despite all. Not everyone wants to have a laptop with this particular operating system. In this case, if the laptop is new and powerful.

You can install an old, good “air” in it. In addition. There are situations where two notebook operating systems need to be installed. All the keys without the cheap laptop operating system are bought? Which operating system is the best? This question is being asked by many users today.

Windows Operating system

Let’s forget for a while that “Windows XP” is running out of the very popular operating system. In addition, Microsoft has officially announced the suspension of this operating system this year. Today, most laptops are equipped with Windows Vista or Windows 7. Windows Vista comes with 6 versions. The most accessible versions of Vistel are Vista Starter.

This series is a fairly cheap solution which is recommended for the users of the disciples. Windows Starter allows you to run more than 3 applications at one time. The lack of technology in the series “Hyper-Threading” There is no support for “transparent” area interfaces, as well as network domains in the Vista Basic series.

One of the corruptions is the lack of file system support (EFS). By installing Vista Home Premium, the user will not be able to work with the touch screen and will not back up. There is no “transparent interface” in this version. Vista business has a file system support function.

But multimedia does not have the ability Vista Enterprise is a multilingual system with no multimedia capabilities. And finally, one of the most powerful versions of Windows Vista is Ultimate. Today’s version is one of the most powerful modern operating systems. However, there are several errors in “Viste” that are completely deleted on the new Windows 7 operating system.

“Windows 7” is already installed above the installed system and does not require disk formatting, it does not function effectively and it is reliable and stable as Windows XP For Apple fans, there is a very reliable, high-performance Mac OS X. This operating system is very resistant to hackers attacks, and most importantly, it is virtually annihilation virus.

For advanced users and professional programmers who pay their monetary value, the most convenient operating system is undoubtedly a Linux. Linux has a great graphical interface, it can be customized according to your needs. In addition, on the Internet, you can download and install any application specifically for this system.

«Red Hat», «Solaris», «Suse» etc .. Of course, in addition to these operating systems there are other, less common operating systems, there are advantages and disadvantages of each operating system and there is no universal answer whose operating system is the best. Explaining the famous child’s poetry, one can say:

“All OS well – choose the taste!”. While in desktop computer environments, most users are not only using Windows 7 but also for the use of newer PCs, but for laptops it is not always aware of changing an existing operating system. Performance differences can not be bigger in similar operating systems. Windows XP is popular because it is “smooth” and fast.

In Windows Vista, fame is just the opposite, although this operating system has introduced a number of new features, improving performance, for example, by downloading the most popular applications in superfast backdrop, applications allow all available RAM to run extra-random access memory for Ready Boost applications.

USB 2.0 Shortcuts for using k. Hard Drive (HDDD, hybrid hard drive) stands for Reddit Hybrid Support, though this feature is not used. Finally, the Windows 7 operating system comes out, which usually provides better performance. We used laptop dell latitude D630 and three identical 2.5 “hard drive Seagate Momentus 7200, 2, which we used to use all three versions of Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, with Windows 7 Armed Tools, we started testing.

Windows XP has long been considered as an operating system for real entrepreneurs. Many of them refused to switch to Windows Vista, indicating “Bloit” and poor support for the drivers during the release of the new “OS”. It is believed that under the Vista, the applications will load more, the operating system will load more and still be closed shortly.

We have installed Windows XP Service Pack 3, but we have caused the problem with ACPI, which we will activate for all operating systems. To perform the installation process, we created a boot disk that contains the ACPI-compliant Intel Matrix storage subsystem drivers. We installed all the drivers listed on our system configuration table as well as all of them. Windows Update 10th November XP We made the following changes to the “portable / laptop” power supply. Shutdown hard disk drive in 10 minutes; 5% remaining battery power system off; The display is always; There is no screen saver; Standby closed.

In Windows Vista 2007, we have already analyzed Windows XP performance compared to Windows Vista. As a result, we do not detect an important difference between performance, but still found minor disadvantages associated with Windows Vista.

Installation in our current Vista includes all updates available as of November 10, as well as updated driver drivers listed on the Test System Configuration page. We have left Vista settings by default unchanged. They are tested the BAPCo Mobile Mark 2007 package with the latest version 1.06, which works under Windows 7. The test uses such applications in normal PC load scenarios.

Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 Adobe Illustrator CS2 Adobe Photoshop CS2 Apple QuickTime 7.1 Interview WinDVD 8 Macromedia Flash 8 Microsoft Office 2003 Pro Microsoft Project 2003 Winzip 10.0 Mobile-mark also breaks, which can take several minutes and opens a coffee break or similar program. As a result, we believe that we have powerful tools for analyzing the applications’ performance, as well as the battery life of modern notebooks and three versions of Windows.

Windows 7 is capable of providing higher functionality than Windows Vista. But all the three functions are Windows system- Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 – Very different results were found when working on a decent laptop like our Dell Latitude 630. We used uniform hardware stuffing and three identical 2.5 “hard drive Seagate from Momentus 7200.2 to 160 gigabytes, even the firmware was one and the same. We tried to coordinate the power plan such was a direct comparison near each other. Service Pack 3 has been provided with Windows XP’s highest performance application If your program does not work as quickly as possible, then Windows XP.

Good choice will continue to be because it has to maintain for a long time, the choice is completely safe. Windows Vista itself has shown itself in spite of its great reputation; Performance and battery life were better balance. You will get less performance than Windows XP, but the battery life of Windows 7, which did not have time to laz itself, loses performance, though the differences will not be so noticeable in everyday work. But you will get the longest battery life in three operating systems.

If Windows installs 5 hours and XP closes after 50 minutes, then Windows 7 works for 28 minutes. These 8% are more similar to battery life. The results and especially 8% difference are less likely to be a decisive factor in the selection of different system configurations, but you may prefer a specific operating system. If you plan to buy a new laptop, it’s best to choose Windows 7. This is not very low compared to XP, but you will get an extra battery life.

Every new device manufacturer does not decide what to use for you. Some models give an imagination flight and a choice. Let’s look at its most popular operating system, and based on this, we will determine the OS to choose. Home computer Each has its pros and cons that help your personal device run faster or vice versa it can slow down the immune and make commands.

Choosing the right operating system for older computers is particularly important, because it depends on the ease of working for it and the quality of daily work. Windows XP is releasing finally the old operating system, October 2001. At one time the potential was best. Higher coding of code and for many years has been the number of copies sold in the first place, due to extensive support.

However, in April 2014, its support stopped, though its share of the market was at 20 percent. For the best Windows Phone, it does not require great computing power. Optimized: Old software support, installation over non-hardware. Cons: Not many games and programs are supported by Novelty, not a complete set of drivers for new devices.


Notably the old operating system, finally released in October 2001. At one time the potential was best. Higher coding of code and for many years has been the number of copies sold in the first place, due to extensive support. However, in April 2014, its support stopped, though its share of the market was at 20 percent. For the best Windows Phone, it does not require great computing power. Optimized: Old software support, installation over non-hardware.

Cons: Not many games and programs are supported by Novelty, not a complete set of drivers for new devices. In November 2006, this unprofessional system was released. Why is it popular? Because it has many errors, as well as problems with the interface. Many have been annoying by its closeness and impossibility to install strangers, as well as the terrible long update method. But in fact, it’s a pretty good system. Optimized: Support for the latest games and devices. Cons: blocking the interface, poor support for old programs, resource requirements.


Another popular system, the best one at the moment. Released in October 2009 and almost immediately became a favorite of the public. For this, its easy and indifference. Because of a built-in emulator for the older Windows operating system and the lack of use it has created number one and this day. The question is an excellent answer that will pick up the OS for your computer or laptop. Optimized: System features, high speed, demand support for all existing devices and applications. Cons: The latest version is worth the price, it is not always possible on the old drivers driver driver.

WINDOWS 8 (8.1)

The latest version available on October 2012 is currently available. Later updated to 8.1 in 2013. It’s the most innovative with the Windows operating system. Developers leave the normal launch button and replace the applications with a separate screen (Windows 8.1 comes with the button but it takes all the same screen). There is a built-in Metro interface, which collected many negative reviews. But on the other hand, the system has increased very rapidly, as well as increased battery life. Become an excellent alternative for. Optimized: speed, power saving, price cons: interface complexity, poor support for old devices.


And on the other hand – Unix system. Because they use other architectural and construction policies from Windows, for this reason, it is impossible to run applications from it without using an emulator. Even, Linux has the most popular add-ons on the kernel. There is a store with a bunch of programs available, quite easy to set up. Optimized, Works on any features, excellent optimization, free and affordable. Failure to run Windows games and programs without an emulator, a small set of non-expert programs.

Conclusion on the selection of OS

Depending on the features that any windows need to select to install on a computer. So if the device is strong then install it on Windows 7 or 8 (if you want Linux). And if it already has existing performance-level features, then you should stop selecting or selecting Windows XP, under Windows 7 Version Starter. The modern operating system is well optimized.

This thesis is sure to be many times and Windows 10, which runs the lowest power PC, and focuses on various distributions of Linux, speed lovers, users are not so big choice today – others do not want to give up on priority Windsor, in search of speed and reliability, less popular OS Look at its direction. Which operating system would be optimized for laptops? For laptops, the speed of the program is very important – these machines are not as strong as their desktop counterparts. So the well-optimized software comes first.

Let’s look at some alternates. Many conferences in Linux-based operating systems specially draw attention. In addition to being popular with home users in Ubuntu, there are about 300 different distributions, of which one third is well optimized for mobile computer. Let’s look at Linux’s operating system for a weak laptop.

This small and beautiful operating system makes the appearance of the Maco screen, as well as the beautiful beginning panel, the primary OS makes a unique choice for Apple admirers. He used his shell named Pantheon. This means that the system is not confused with another popular distribution. If not what to do from Macro

Primarily a 1 GB of PC feels good memory and a low power processor (from 1 GHz). Therefore, it can be recommended to all owners of old computers that are the beauty of the new operating system. Basic distribution is easy to set up and use. It can be accused of the significant cost of resources and increased battery spending charges. There are many responses from users on the network that are not ready for initial completion. But in general, it is quite reliable for most work. This release of Linux is not yet managed to attract the attention of many communities.

Quite surprisingly, if you have a clear sign of “+” the system is fast and stable. A good set of embedded applications (with clouds) low power consumption. Papermin disadvantages cannot be attributed to modern and standard interfaces. Laptop resources are used only for work, if it is unlikely to prevent you from selecting it. Less system requirements. It requires 512 MB of RAM (better), at least 4 GB of hard disk space and internet access. Most popular Linux releases have been widely popular since 2004 due to the popularity of free software.

A lot of talk about this system started a few years ago, when Canonical offered to distribute any free from CD. Unfortunately, Canonical stopped even, Support notebook in 2011 – especially for a low-end laptop and notebook. But, can boast a good (normal fitness) for poor computers and laptops on this day. It costs more battery power than the infamous Windows 7, but it works a bit faster and supports more hardware. The ability to stretch and the face systems also deserve attention. Even, is easy to set up, although previous releases (up to version 14) it was possible to do much more installation so far.

The requirements for the equipment are not so smooth: the standard shell needs at least 2GB of RAM. Third party (openbox, matte) can handle half gigabytes. It is also good to use a dual-core processor with 1.3 GHz frequency. If you do not want to buy a weak laptop without an operating system and spend a significant amount on a Windows license, Linux may be used without difficulty as the main system or you do not like pirates but remember – compatibility issues and compared to this operating system Smaller applications recommend them to each of them Does not


The other is because there is so much about this system, in fact, the best interaction in the world, a huge selection of drives and quick work with apps and games. It is done, by a beautiful interface, as well as comparative simplicity to the disciple.
Technical requirements are relatively low: the processor is 1 GHz one core. 1 GB Ram OS 16 GB hard disk space. Video system requires support for at least DirectX 9. Tip Seven good laptops and even tablets are anticipated. If, it is licensed to you, it is impossible to connect with older mobile PCs, but it is impossible to “cross” on other operating systems.

Only If you are “caught” to make a free upgrade to Windows 10 in the summer of 2013, we are sincerely jealous of you. “Ten” is the main idea of Windows 7, and all of these are literally searched: high download speeds and performance (especially with SSD) even better interfaces (though there are plenty of debates about the advantages). Optimized support for almost all existing programs in Windows Superior (compared to 8.1) Touch mode adjustable security updates

At the same time, Windows 10 works well on computers that “drag” against Windows 7. Today, the system has flown quite well and the initial releases have got rid of childhood diseases. An important difficulty is that developers may be called extra curiosity – the OS collects a lot of your data and warns it about honesty. If this is not the problem, one of the best operating systems in the current – at your service


We considered the most appropriate, in our opinion, the system for the weak notebook. Only Mac-OS remains from focus – but it can be blamed for the universal solution (for all types of PCs) Did you choose an OS for the laptop? Want to offer your version of “something better” to the operating system? Then welcome to the discussion! Sometimes in the era of developing technology and computer industry, the Nobel is hard to see, which we are satisfied with the developers.

Or different services, OS, Utilities such as just scattered eyes but most users are one, main question -? But true, this OS is now “a million and a small cart.” So what to choose different? What to stop look? Let’s determine its operating system and their cost targets. Both have paid operating systems, and those who do not need to pay with the ability to execute the set and function of the program, are almost indivisible. When separated by purpose, then there are clients (for common users) and servers (the name speaks for itself) and now, a simple preview of the operating system. Client operating system.

Windows XP (paid) –

Windows family’s popular OS (popular in Windows 95), although not very stable. It does a great job with its work, but the process for finding files is too old. There are no obvious interfaces as well. Virus protection is quite medium. Permanent internet users will need better protection. It is possible to encrypt files and folders. Useful software is not enough in the operating system. A clear plus wealth and severity are the glands. There is a chance to set up a huge amount of third-party programs. Games and Utilities “One Copy Life Term” for six years to one year.

Windows-Vista (paid) –

did not find special love and respect among users. Developers were generally lazy to complete the normal interface, so they overloaded them with all kinds of “unprotected”. The ability to switch windows to 3D mode, as well as the effect of transparentness smooths sharp edges of slight errors. The files were created very appropriately, the developers here are not emotional. Security measures are level with XP (though the levels are upgraded). In addition to encrypting files and folders, the drive can be encrypted, which is a big plus. Anti-virus installed (and, in a good way, also a firewall) is needed.

Compared to XP, the Media Center added useful software, some programs have been updated. Vista is a smart operating system, so you have less than 512 memory RAM, do not even try to install “Newsstand”.

Windows 7 (paid) –

A successful implementation and a dormant interface (Hi, Vista). As a startup, a very good start download is performed much faster than the news, the stability of the system is guaranteed by many special experiments as well as user feedback. Developers (the well-used so-called jump list – recently used document listing), which are annoying to create file paths in short, is a convenience.

In addition to this, there are large labels that can be missing only by a visually impaired person searching for a height file! The security is a little tired, but it can not be said that a height. Antivirus and firewall are extremely fun. There is a big minus in addition to positive innovation in the heap – lack of operating system inconsistency with some of the older instruments, some drivers (Blutuz, card reader etc.) lack support, most resources intensive (here it also passes Vista), does not support half of the games created by the previous version of Windows.

Linux (Free) –

A highlight of the top priorities is that this operating system is absolutely free! User-friendly interface, attractive visual design, you can completely configure the system on your control, which can not be done on the Windows operating system. Very stable (if there is a freeze, it refers to a specific process, not a complete system). High level security (Linux writes a few viruses) The system requirements are extraordinary, which allows you to use computers with weak iron. One of the biggest hurdles for gamers is that the OS does not support games. An unusual structure creates some surprises, especially if you switch from other products to Linux. Well, the last thing to remember, when working with OS – the ability to manage search engines.

Mac-OS Excerpt (Fee) –

High level design and interface (better than all the above systems)! The effects of translations, animations, and other “zamorochki” only change location on the OS. Quick file search adds the benefit of Mac axis. Security is the best OS of all (a Mac virus written for Mac). But the situation with the games is unreal. Some new projects already do not exist on the “Apple”, but they are still very small. It is also important to mention the “deulatiata” of resources, so the weaker computers do not shine through this operating system.

Server operating system

Windows Server 2008 (paid) –

OS is specially designed for networks (both small and corporate). It allows you to create a file repository (support for encryption and protection), user authentication, and secure data access, secure remote operation, and more if it is spoken briefly, but in summary, in this way we can say the following, “everything Includes! And what you do not need, you will not stop. That is, all front land-lord (though a “useful” set is impressive). Demanding system, “in the fields” many places. Protection is unnecessary, because many OS viruses are written under OS.

FreeBSD (free) –

Do not claim too much for resources. Operating system “consumer” such as shared libraries, a combined virtual memory cache and file system buffer etc. There are compatibility modules with other UNIX applications, the ability to add new types of support, during file systemization time and more, one of the few difficulties of spam, even the account receives spam filters.

But the virus is not terrible! Nothing FreeBSD is considered to be a secure OS. Used to create Internet server (high quality network service, capable and efficient memory management) System policy: “Need something? There is a shelf installer at the first place. As long as you set it up, you’ll understand. “Solaris (offered) – This is one of the major differences between applications (around 12th standard) and one of the popular platforms for developers (corporate solutions).

Linear productivity increases. Support for large networks (up to one million processes running simultaneously, up to 128 processors and Up to 250TB support file system). Security level is very high (almost any virus) But the middlemost question that I want to say about it is definitely and for all what is the operating system. If you still do not determine whether you are required for your home or business, then contact the company by clicking here. We will be able to deal with you! We are waiting for you!