Social Networking – Website traffic generation part4

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Social Networking—Get Out and Mingle!

Social networking is not just fun and ‘in’ for now, Because it is also a guaranteed way to get free traffic. Finally, social networking is free and it also means hours and hours of free publicity for your company…that is, if you can get the lingo and the ‘culture’ (if you will) of sites seems like Facebook and Twitter.

This first point to understand is that social networking is not at all seems like sales, or even
more anything like your official website. When someone visits your website they want to read sales information and content about your industry and your services. However, when
people are in the mood to socialize, they simply want to chat, goof off, share
information, share links and stories and generally have fun.

In fact, coming across as a ‘company’ or speaking only about things that concern you
and your great products is probably going to rub people the wrong way. This is against also
the very nature of social networking, a place that is even more like a playground or seems like a lunch break room than an ‘office’.

So, how can you use social networking to increase traffic? This is also an issue that still
confuses many business owners, as their pages may only receive a handful of likes and
never stimulate conversation. For the reason that Inevitably, the site owner wonders, what did I do wrong?

Here’s the secret; First of all you must learn each individual social networking site, and use its unique features to draw in traffic. You must become not just part of the crowd, but part
of the Facebook crowd, part of the Twitter crowd. Let’s take Facebook as an example.

Facebook’s Features

Facebook is a website that capitalizes on personal user relationships. Facebook is the
also place that boldly brings together friends, family members and acquaintances from all
walks of life. In fact, many people actually avoid talking or even listing their business
and instead just enjoy time off with their friends. We can also blame a series of well publicized Facebook ‘Fails’ for this, you know the boss is also always watching when you
make fun of the company in a public forum.

So yeah, that and the fact that no one wants to swear in front of grandma, just keeps
Facebook a very work-less environment. The moment you start mentioning work,
people become annoyed. (Unless of course, you’re complaining about work!)

On the other hand, no one really cares what you say on your profile, because it’s
perfectly fine to say who you are, what you do and where you work. It’s also the sort of
conversation you would have at a bar, right? Besides, Maybe people do actually want to know who you are, they want to know of what “use” you are to them. For example, if you say you’re a doctor, everyone will definitely take note of that and call you up the next time
they have a question.

It’s the same principle with anything you do, as soon as you say that you work in a
certain field, you are deemed the expert and your associates identify you with your
products and your business. No, they don’t want to talk about it. They don’t want to hear
you rattle off catchphrases and talk about great deals. However, if an issue comes up
they will definitely click your profile and visit your website. They will be seeking you out,
looking help with their customer needs.

This is also the secret to social networking, and quite frankly, the secret to all sales in the
new millennium. Do not try to sell on Facebook, attract your customers. Besides the
ability to create a detailed profile full of links, Facebook also has these other

· The Ability to Share Photos and Videos: Facebook also allows you to share photos
and videos among friends, which can be funny, touching, motivational or
controversial. These are great at stirring reaction, and the more people you have
chatting, the more your brand is getting around. After all, your goal is to be the
brand. So, not talking about business is not really a big deal if you are using your
personal time to promote your company’s values.

· The Ability to Connect with New People: Facebook lets you connect with old
friends (who it actually seeks out according to your personal Internet logs…
creepy, huh?), reply to messages and send private messages. It also has various
forms of communication, from direct conversation to status updates, to
highlighting articles you have read, which others might be interested in. The point
is, you can engage your audience on a social page and earn their respect as a
friend, long before you ever bring up business.

Creating a long list of contacts is the first step to using social networking, as you are building a large and personally invested audience. Remember to make your page public if you hope to get extra publicity. You can also like or share pages that are not only
interesting to you, but reflect the values of your company. In essence, your
behavior is part of your brand. Out of curiosity, people will ‘stalk’ you just to see
what you like, what you say and what you believe. It’s all great for publicity!


· Facebook Groups and Pages: Another example of Facebook’s unique
environment is the fact that you can create your own groups and pages and unite
people (and secretly build an audience) to promote something you believe in.
Now, you cannot convince them all to ‘join’ your company. True, you can ask
people to “like” your company and bribe them to do so as well, but it’s not as
effective as drawing their attention away from business and towards a free group
or fan page.

Instead of trying to break down their resistance, distract them from
business talk by focusing on another common agenda. Like a group of people
united by a common interest, or a group of people who gather together locally to
discuss issues. Creating a community away from business can actually draw
people to your business, as they will soon realize you’re a natural born leader
and know a great deal about your industry (and how it affects them). Start by
searching for existing groups and taking part in that discussion.

The great thing about Facebook is that you never have to sign up to new groups. You simply use the same ID and can converse freely in a variety of connected ‘worlds’. If your
niche interest (which is also your business) doesn’t exist, be sure to create it.
You can also create movie pages, celebrity pages and product pages just to get
attention from the mainstream world, all of which may take an interest in your life
and career. Be sure to research the keywords and determine what your group
name should be called in order to drive more traffic to you. Keyword research
tools or even Facebook searching tools can be of help here.

· Facebook Places: See Chapter 6 under Local and Mobile Marketing.

· Facebook Events: Users can create events and gatherings and invite all of their
friends to join them. Even if all the VIPs cannot RSVP, they can still comment on
the event and offer moral support. Little events (whether a night out at dinner or a
huge festival in town) sponsored by your company are a great way to get a
dialogue going with others, or even to brand your name as an official sponsor of
a “meet up” in person. For even better traffic generation, provide the details of
your involvement at your official website.

Twitter’s Tips

Twitter is the abbreviated version of Facebook, and while its options are not as complex,
many people find it simplicity very useful. One great thing about Twitter is that it allows
you to develop more professional and casual relationships, not necessarily ‘friends’ but
followers. In fact, Twitter is far more often used as a means of advertising new pages of
content, recruiting employees and clients, answering customer service concerns and
other business concerns.

twitter traffic

· The Real Time Search: This option allows you to search topics on what people
are talking about and is a great to discern trendy new subjects and other market
research. In fact, one of the latest rumors is that Google will buy Twitter, and
incorporate an even more effective means of searching the entire web and
matching keyword content. Twitter and other social networks are arguably more
popular than email services, since users can check their messages from any
location (including mobile devices), and thus are easier to contact.

· Interact with the Latest News: You have a choice of interacting with the latest
news stories or commenting on the website’s most popular keyword searches.
You can click the ‘Discover’ or the ‘Connect’ tabs to explore your options. You can
find more friends or even surf the new categories option for a Yahoo-like
approach to various channels in the Twitter zone.

· Followers: The key to earning traffic through Twitter is to create a huge list of
followers. The best way to do this is to focus on writing excellent niche content.
Give serious thought to your tweets and try to make all of your microblog posts
informative or entertaining. Some individuals (not celebrities!) have actually
earned millions of followers just because they kept a running journal of thoughts
and stay in touch with their circle. One way to earn bigger traffic is to take a look
at other users who are operating in your niche. Find them and look at their
followers. Follow them and correspond with them about the subjects they find
interesting. In this respect, you can use Twitter like a blog site, and build your
own community of users.

Just remember to keep tweets regular (there are actually programs that help you
schedule tweets) and, once again, to avoid repetitive company promotion and actually
hold a conversation with your followers. You can gain more traffic by reposting good
tweets, by linking to excellent resources, and replying to all tweets sent to you, thereby
building online relationships. (And these sources may eventually become your