Real Life Make Money Story – $0-$10K/Day in 17 days with Ad Spend

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Hey Guys! I almost quit drop shipping a few weeks ago and it would have been the biggest mistake of my life. So for you guys who are struggling, I want to give you a bit motivation for you to keep going, because you never know when everything is going to change for you. Now I’m telling you my real life Make Money Story .

Make Make Money Story

So I have been into this online business thing for about 7 years, I have failed so many times. I have tried SEO, affiliate marketing, adsense, crypto, kindle publishing, online agency and some others…and I failed every time because when things started to get tough, I would just give up.

I launched my store back in May 2018, was able to hit 1000 USD a day within my first month. (I was ecstatic), but after a week or two the 2 products I was selling, died. Since I wasn’t able to find any winning products and also failed to graduate from university at that time, I stopped uploading Youtube videos where I shared my drop shipping journey and I got into a depression for a few months. I kinda reverted to my old identity where I looked at myself as a failure.

In July. August I was still down, but I managed to graduate from uni (passed the final exams), this “small success” gave me a little bit of confidence so in September I started to test a little bit more products. As you can see in the screenshot in the comments, I made almost no money during July, August, September.

Then at the end of September  I started testing a new product and it has taken off to 10K/day!. Practical tips that are actionable are below

I learned that the past does not matter. I identified myself as a failure because I failed for 7 years and it took me 6 years to finish a 3 year bachelor’s degree. No matter how many times you have failed, you can succeed. You just need to keep going. Don’t make the same mistake I made fin the 7 years.

Practical tips for Make Money Story

0. If you do not have Stripe in your country. Then do not lose hope! I have only Paypal on my store as in my country there are not any good payment processors like Stripe. For paypal you just need to upload tracking links for each order and deal quickly with disputes.

1. Before you scale. make sure to set up your systems and your backend. When I started scaling I didn’t really had set up abandon cart messages, I didn’t have an upsell app, I didn’t have my processes set up. So when it started scaling I was sleeping 2-3 hours a day because I was setting up all the systems and fixing all the glitches and issues.

2. In make money story Winner can be found or made into a winner. My winner is a combination of both, I found a product with okayish benefits but I really focused on saying all the benefits the product are going to give my customers. So whenever you are testing a product, make sure to sell the hell out of it.

3. Ad creative. This is very important, you need to make sure that the video is fast paced (cut every 2-3 se). you can also speed up the video, add transitions, make the text animated, add emojis…I also noticed some people adding meme clips into the video to make it more funny. The first 3 seconds are the most important, so you need to show the best benefit in the beginning.

4. Split test your thumbnails. Either have 2-5 ads in an adset or you can create 3-5 campaigns with the same adsets, but each campaign would have a different thumbnail (but same video). This cheap split test can save you so much money, because you will find the best performing ad for your product.

5. Testing. I started out with 3 campaigns (3 different thumbnails), each had 7 ad sets at 3 USD a day. after about 12 hours of launch. I check how are the stats, good stats are if the cost per unique link click is below 0.7 USD and cost per engagement is around 0.04…If it has these stats it’s a sign of a potentially winning product. but remember this are not set rules, these are just my criterias.

6. Horizontal scaling for the win! Those 10K were made with 3-60 USD a day ad sets (no manual bidding, no high budget adsets). Most of them are at 10,20 and 40 usd a day. I try to test every single variation of a LLA, all the percentages and from the top 3 most buying countries.

7. Simple way to increase your AOV. I thought I needed an “Advanced app” like Zipify OCU, but I started with a simple in cart upsell called “Discounted Upsells – Cross sells and upsell” and it has made me over 7K for free (since I am still in the 1 week trial period, otherwise it costs like 30 USD a month)

8. Conversion rate optimization. So the main thing, I focus on here is to make it as easy for your customer to buy. I the less friction/distractions your customer have the better. So I don’t confuse them by showing them bundles or unnecessary pop ups etc. You want your copy writing to be short, yet very good at telling the customer the benefits for make money .

9.. Make sure to set up your backend. It will really improve your profits. Make sure to set up abandon cart emails, messenger and text messages. For abandon cart emails, I use Klaviyo. For messenger, I use ShopMessaged (around 1000% ROI). And for text messages, I use SMSBump (this gave me 9000% ROI btw).

10. Scaling is an art not science… What might work for me, might not work for you. So don’t think that there must be some set rules to do FB ads. So I recommend to test what works best for you. Whether it’s duplicating into higher budgets, increasing budgets, etc.