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Proven Google Adsense approval trick and Adsense requirements

How are you all? If you want to learn google adsense approval trick. And also google adsense requirements. Then this post is for you. Those who are involved in freelancing or outsourcing, all of know about Google Adsense. Like many countries of the world, many bloggers in our country earn lot of money every month from Google AdSense. Many people earn money by monetizing their own blog with Google AdSense. And others peoples earn money by mapping their YouTube channels through Google Adsense. But some blogger are new in this field. They don’t know about the Adsense approval trick. They also don’t know Google Adsense requirements properly. So, they are failed to approve google adsense.

In this post, Today i will share all about of google adsense requirements. You can also learn here google adsense approval trick. If you follow this method, You can easily approve google adsense.

What is Google AdSense?

You will earn money from Google Adsense but does not know what is Google adsense?
Google Adsense is a very effective and the world’s largest online advertising network. Through which big bloggers and webmasters of the world earn money by monetizing their blog / website. Google has a large portion of its annual revenue from Google Adsense.

How does Google AdSense work?

This is a very simple method. You must be a publisher of Google Adsense and have to advertise Adsense ads on your blog / website or YouTube channel. If someone clicks the ad then you get a certain amount of money for each click. Besides, you also get a small amount of money to show ads on your blog / site. And these ads are collected by advertisers from Google through their Google AdWords program.

How much income can you earn from Google AdSense?

It is not really possible to specify that, How much you can earn from Adsense. It will depend on a few things. Like the topic of your blog, the unique visitor, how many pages are posted on the blog, visitor country, adslot blog, text ad or image ad, ctr (click through rate), your target keyword’s CPC (Cost Per Cross-click) etc. But usually, you can get 1 cents to 20 dollars per click and you can get 1 to 5 dollars or more for every thousand impressions.

How to create a blog to earn from Google AdSense?

Actually, a blog requires a lot of processes, many rules, and takes time. I will try to summarize here Google Adsense approval trick & Adsense requirements. I also give tips  for better earnings from Google Adsense.

Google Adsense requirements Must follow.

First you need to design good and user relevant blogs. Then choose a topic that you can know about and also write about. You need to create your topic focus on your keyword. If you choose high cpc keyword and write on it. So that its CPC is higher. You can use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool to view a keyword’s CPC and it’s free.
You need to remember that, You will need many visitors to your blog to earn more from AdSense. And if you want to get many visitor, You must need many content in the blog. So try to choose topics that you would like to write better. You need almost above 20 article in your blog. If above 30+ post then it will be better. Make sure, Your all post is unique and meaningful.

You can also see the adsense publisher requirement from click here.

Google Adsense approval trick & Adsense requirements

Now your blog is ready and you may be ready to get an AdSense account. But before applying for an AdSense account, consider the following aspects, otherwise the probability of getting your account approved is too much late. Here is some google adsense approval trick. So let’s take a look at what things you need to consider to get an AdSense account approval. Below are some adsense requirements that you need to follow.

> Your blog must have a custom domain name like Many people have found that bloggers in a blog or a free domain and are able to apply for AdSense by hosting a free domain, in this case your AdSense account is 99% unlikely to get approval.
> Domain age must be 3 to 4 months old
>> Design and navigation of the blog so that the user friendly
>> Create Blog, Contact, Privacy Policy / Disclaimer Page for Blog
>> Publish at least 20-30 content, of which 5-10 content is more than 1500 words and the rest is more than 700 words.

>> Do not published copy / paste content
>> Some SEOs for blogs Do it and wait every day until some search traffic arrives
>> If you have used any other ad network ad, first delete them then apply.

If you follow this google adsense requirements and google adsense approval trick, Then you can easily got approve google adsense. Lets learn that, How to earn more in adsense.

Why you cannot earn a well amount from Adsense?

You have blog even you get AdSense account, but you cannot income from your adsense or less than that. Let’s take a look at why your earnings from Adsense is not really better income.

>> There is not enough post in your blog
>> There is not enough post that means there is no visitor
>> There is no visitors, that mean you have not any click
>> Do not help your blog’s for content readers
>> Low CPC rate of your favorite topics / keywords
>> You do not update your blog regularly
>> You do not have to place adslot in the right place on the blog
>> You are not using the right size adslot
>> You are not using the text and image type’s ad slots
>> Most of the visitors to your site are Asian, (basically Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani) so CPC and CTR are getting less

How to raise your income from AdSense?

If you want to increase your Adsense, you can used the following tips and tricks.
>> Use on Clean Blog Design and create it User Friendly
>> Use a premium and AdSense optimized theme for blogs
>> Publish a regular stream of blogs and unique content that can solve your reader’s problem and you can get more visitors with more click

>> Use large and right size adslot (recommended ad slot size: responsive ad slot, 72 × 90, 300 x 600 and 336 x 280)
>> Post titles, Spacing in the middle of the post, headers and add to the end of the post. You can do it with Google’s official WordPress plugin.
>> Use both types of text and image adslots
>> Use the Adsense Custom Search bar for the search box
>> Block low paying advertisers
>> Try to regular site SEO Bring and search traffic to the site

How to protect your AdSense account from banned?

I have already said that my 3 AdSense account has been banned. So the experience is fairly good. One of the reasons behind the ban is some invaluable clicks. Which I did not do once.

Follow the following rules

You can also read the adsense policies from their website by click here

>> With the help of the StateCounter, click on your blog’s edits and identify the invalid clicks with the IP
>> If you think a click is invalid then report this link to Google
>> Do not click on your own ad, even from a friend or public PC
>> Do not use re-write or copy / paste content on the blog
>> Do not use more than one AdSense account at the same time
>> Do not use more than 3 ads slot in a page / post
>> Do not customize the ad size or code
>> Do not buy traffic from anywhere
>> Do not tell your adsense address to another person, even your wife, because of the hassle, but he or she will also click on the invalid way.

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