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Welcome Inside!

Hi! My Name is khokon , and I am here to personally welcome you and thank you for taking action and grabbing this course.

In this course you will find a step by step guide using which you can start making $100 to $150 per day.

Before we start I would like to say a few words, and listen me carefully please as these are really important points and many newbie fail just because of these reasons.

Achieving $5,000 per month is not that hard to be honest, if you focus on one thing at one time. But what happens is – while getting started, we fail one time and we just start looking for new ways to make money online.

IF you are not going to focus on one method at a time, then your chances of getting failure will increase rapidly. So, it’s really important that you focus on one system and work on it
until you succeed.

Always keep this in your mind.

Now, it’s time to start and get into the course. But, Before starting let me give you a quick overview of our method, so that you can have a rough idea of what we are going to do.

Step 1 :

We need a TWO page funnel. In this step I will teach you how to set up your initial funnel before we start driving traffic so that we can make good income while building our list.

Step 2 :

Then We need 3 high converting CPA offers which we are going to promote and make money.

Step 3 :

It’s Time for traffic generation. In this section, I am going to teach you 4 ways to drive traffic which works really well.

Three of these traffic sources are free, so you can start with them and then later move to paid traffic method to scale up your income to next level.

In paid traffic method I will show you how I get clicks at as cheap as $0.07 per click.

You will find lots of twists and turns .. And I am going to disclose everything in this course!

I will try my best to be simple and not too complicated. See making money online is not complicated as you think. Just be simple and keep implementing the method, you will see good result.

Ok! So let’s start our first step.

Our Initial TWO Page Funnel.

See, a lot of people talk about sending traffic directly to offer/product and some people say you should use landing page. “So let me clear why we are using this TWO PAGE funnel.

If you are going to send traffic directly to offer page without using landing page, then what will happen is that – you won’t have any touch with your traffic in future.

Let me explain this –

Suppose we are promoting email submit offer, and you sent traffic to your offer and if your traffic enters their email address on offer page you will get money.  And in case they did not take any action then you are in loss, as you do not have any way to contact them again.

It’s usually says, person buy something after seeing them for like 7 times. So, if you are sending traffic directly to offers, then it might be the case that a lot of people do not buy them right now as they might have some question in their mind, or they are just not in purchasing mood, or they might even misplaced/closed your offer page by mistake, or maybe there is some internet issue/server problem.

So, overall there are a lot of stuffs which can happen.

But if you are using TWO page funnel, then you will have  contact information of your traffic, this way you can contact them and send them emails about that offer and chances are they might pick it this time, AND also you can show them some other offers in your niche, and chances are they might be interested in that one.

So, if you want a long term strategy, then I will advise you to go with my TWO page funnel, its simple and going to take no more than 30-60 minutes to complete.

BUT, there is a small disadvantage too. If your traffic is in contact with you, then you will have to solve their problem and give some time to help them. And while using direct
linking its one way! They either buy or do not buy. If they take action/buy you get the money, and if they do not buy it, they just go.

So, no headache!

I would say both of options are open for you – either use my two page strategy or just go with direct linking to CPA offers. It’s all up to you. I have already taught you its advantage and disadvantages.

Now the important question is – how to create these two page funnel, and what are they exactly!

Two page funnel basically includes –

1. OPT-in page

2. Thank you page

OPT-in pages are landing page which you need to place in between traffic and offer page.

So, your traffic after clicking your link will first land on your optin page and then after here they will go to offer page which you are promoting.

Now the question is – what will happen on this page?

Here we are going to ask their contact information so that we can be in touch with them in future!

I hope you understand everything!

From OPT-in page, your traffic will go to Thank you page.

Thank you page is basically a page where we say thank you for subscribing and present our CPA offer which we are promoting.

What I do mostly here is – I list down 3 CPA offers saying Bonus 1, Bonus 2, Bonus 3.

They click on these bonus links and they reach on the CPA offer which I am promoting.

Let me revise everything quickly, so that you can have clear concept up to this point before we move to another segment.

So we bring traffic in —> Traffic goes to our OPT-in page where they enter their details –> they reach on Thank you page here we display them 3 CPA offers related to our niche which they can grab.

Now, the important fact over here is – WHY AM I saying to display 3 CPA offer, why not only one!

Simple Answer is – to boost your income and conversion.

Let me talk about numbers, if you got 100 clicks on thank you page and you got 10 conversions paying you $3/conversion = $30 in profit.

But, what if we have 3 HOT CPA offer over here, and we got 10 conversions on our first offer, and 3 conversions on our second offer, and 2 conversions on our third offer. So, total
we got 15 conversions. If we are getting $3 per conversion, total we will make = $3 x 15 = $45.

That’s $15 MORE profit than using a single CPA offer.

So, you can see a simple trick can get such a wonderful boost in your income.

It’s time to build our TWO Page funnel!

Let me show you how you can build your opt-in page and thank you page.

There are two ways of building your two page funnel –

1. make it yourself

2. Get it done by someone else.

If you are planning to get it done by someone else, then you could outsource it on outsourcing sites like fiverr, freelancer, odesk etc. I would say do not spend more than $5-10 here.

OR, If you want to get it done by yourself! Then you can simply use notepad, basic html knowledge and few pictures to do it.

I do not like to code so I use plugins Instabuilder 2.0.

You can use whatever you want to use, there is nothing that you should only use instabuilder 2.0 if I am using it. You can also use lead pages and any other stuff.

I use Instabuilder 2.0 just because I find it easy to use and it makes all the work easier. But lol.. I am not here to endorse it! Let’s stop talking about it and let me show you how I
create my TWO Page funnel.

Firstly I am building the OPT-in Page:

See there are mainly three components in optin page:

1. Headline

2. Background & Colour Combination

3. And of cos! An optin box!

You need to be simple and effective. Do not write long headlines and all, just one-two lines work great.

Let me show you some example – Suppose our niche is Weight Loss.

Then, you can go with headlines like –

Discover How a “simple Magical Diet helped me Loss XX Amount of Weight.

Carefully look at my headline I am talking about the result. It’s Important because people wants to learn about that. They want to know if this offer is delivering the result or not.

So, always keep this in mind.

Then, when it comes to background, go with something related to niche.

Why is it so important?

See, if you are going to use weight loss kind of background in dog niche, will it work?

No! Absolutely not!

Having good background creates good atmosphere. So, when you are in weight loss niche, try having weight loss related background.

Let me create a quick optin page for you guys and let me show it to you, so that you
can get more better understanding of what I am trying to say here.

weight loss

Look at this Opt-in Page, it took me 3-5 minutes to create it, I simply put a headline, used a weight loss background which you can find through Google image (but only use images with reuse label).

And That’s All for OPT-in Page! It’s ready now!

Now, Thank You PAGE:

thank you page

You just need to say thank you for signing up and also tell them that your gift is waiting in their inbox. The gift can be a small report, ebook, video, course etc.

Just after that line, Put your 3 bonus as:

  • 1 Bonus – headline related to that CPA offer #1.
  • 2 Bonus – headline related to that CPA offer #2.
  • 3 Bonus – headline related to that CPA offer #3.

And link these headlines to their related CPA offers.

Again look at my thank you page I have not used too many colors and all. Just be plain and simple.

And trust me it does not take any time in creating these pages. The above thank you page took me no more than 4-5 minutes.

Just start doing it, you will become master very soon!

Now, integrate your autoresponder code in your optin page and check if you have redirected your thank you page correctly. Test your whole two page funnel yourself.

Up to this point Your Two-Page Funnel is fully Ready and functional!

Now head over to Step no. – 2!

Step 2:

Finding High Converting CPA offers:

In this Step we are going to find CPA offers which we will be using to promote on our thank you page. So, we need at least 3 CPA offers as on our thank you page we have created 3
bonus. So each CPA offer will fit as each bonus.

Before we start finding our CPA offers, let me teach you about basics of CPA Marketing.

So, what is CPA? CPA basically means Cost Per Action, in simple terms you get money for every action your customer/traffic makes on the advertisers website.

These actions can be – submitting email address, submitting their zip code, completing survey, purchasing products, taking free trial etc.

There is also one type of CPA offer, about which very few people will tell you – its CPC offers, which pay you just for sending clicks. They usually pay around $0.30-$0.40 per click, which is still decent. Just send them 100 clicks and you can make $30-$40. Is not it Easy?

So, now the Big question is!

Which type of CPA offer you should choose?

The answer lies in your traffic source.

Yes trust me!

Every traffic source speaks something!

Right now you must be thinking, what I am talking about.

Let me explain..

See, not all types of CPA offers works with all types of traffic.

If you are getting traffic from twitter, then you must understand the mindset of that traffic. Why people use that platform. Most of the twitter users are there just to communicate with other people and read about what’s trending and what’s going on in the world, they are not very targeted to buying a weight loss product/offer. So, in spite of showing them something which need them to purchase it, why not try offers like free email submit CPA offers.

When they know they are getting something for free, without paying for that, then they are most likely to grab that offer.

Now, Let’s take another Case:

Traffic coming from Search engines like Google, bing, yahoo etc.

See, in normal situations people use search engines when they are trying to find something, so at least they are in research mood in compare to people of twitter who are there most probably to hang out with their friends, so these traffic are a bit more targeted.

So, for these types of traffic you can use offers like $1 trial for first 7 days and then $17 or $27.

Or you can even go with CPS offers where they buy something and you get commission. It’s usually 50-75% – depending upon offer to offer.

Now, here is the list of two sites which you can use to find
CPA offers in any niche.

1. Offer Vault

2. oDigger

These two sites are basically directories of CPA offers.

Just go to these websites, and type your niche like this:

cpa offer

You will get a full list of CPA offers with:

1. Payout (how much they are paying per conversion)

2. Type of CPA offer (which type of offer it is, like email submit, survey, zip submit etc)

3. Network (on which CPA network it is available)

Here are some basic requirements which I personally look before selecting any CPA offer.

These requirements are:

1. They should be from good CPA networks like peerfly, clickbank, maxbouty, cashnetwork etc.

2. Minimum payout should be $0.40 per conversion.

3. For types of CPA offer – I personally like email/zip submit and trial CPA offers.

Let me tell you one secret way to find High converting CPA Offer within few minutes!

First select a CPA network which you want like to join. Say like MaxBouty, then go to facebook and find maxbouty related groups and join it. Check out the group and look
carefully who is writing/posting some helpful tips in groups or income proofs, then message him.

And ask him if he/she can give you the list of CPA offers Which is working well right now. Do not irritate them! Just ask them in nice manner, and 90% of time you will get success!
And they will tell you what’s converting well for them.

There is always also another way, If this does not work for you!

Just contact affiliate manager of that CPA network and ask them for a list of CPA offers which is converting well right now. They will help you 100%.

So, Use these tips to find A Good CPA offer to promote. You can also use networks like WarrioPlus and JVZoo, which I am using right these days; they have mostly CPS offers which pay you when you make conversions. But if you are starting, then go with email Submit CPA offers, as they work well with almost all types of traffic.

Let’s move to next Step!

Step 3:
It’s Time for traffic!

At this point of time we already have our TWO-PAGE funnel ready and we have selected CPA offers which we can place on our thank you page.

It’s time to drive traffic and make conversions of these CPA offers and make large amount of cash.

3 Free Traffic Sources!

Traffic Source #1:

Long Tail Keywords + Youtube Videos.

Ranking videos is much easier in compare to websites, and also note that in Google updates, websites get affected but youtube videos stay strong. They have consistency. I have several videos which I have not even touched from several months, and still they are ranking and making passive income for me.

Ranking youtube video is easy, but it becomes even easier if you use long tail keywords.

Long Tail Keywords:

Long tails keywords are niche related terms which have 3-5 words in it.

Like say – make money online is your niche, then here’s a few example of long tail keywords with which you can start:

how to make money online fast.

how to make money online blogging.

In above example you can see these terms are related to your niche make money online, and both of them have 6 words in it.

See, normally The longer the keyword is, the lesser competition becomes – remember this line.

So, here are the requirements in long tail keywords I personally like to go with:

1. Minimum 1000 search volume per month.

2. Maximum 9,900 search volume.

3. It should have 5-6 words.

4. Keyword should have youtube videos ranking in top 10
of google SERP.

5. Keyword should start with – best, ways to, how to, etc.

How to Find Long Tail Keywords + how to
check these requirements?

It’s not hard at all! You can complete this step within 10- 15 minutes. Firstly head over to google keyword planner.

It’s free to use. “sign in with your google account. And You will reach on this page:

google adword campaign

Click on “search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category. A box will open like this:

google adword

Just enter your niche in Your product or service. And select your targeting to country you are targeting. I usually select united states.

Like this:

google adwords

Next “step you need to do is, select keyword filters and filter keywords in range of 1000-10,000 monthly search volume.

Like this:

 google adwords campaign

Now click on Get Ideas.

And then click on Keyword Ideas.

Now, you can get a list of up to 800 related keywords with search volume in range of 1000-10,000.

Check out the complete list and select keywords which looks good to you, I mean keywords which start with – best, ways to, how to, buy etc.

Let me show you some examples here.

keyword research

Now simply get a video done around these topics and upload it to YouTube and place your keywords in title, and description.

Just after uploading it to YouTube, check its ranking in YouTube for your long tails keywords. Generally I see my video ranking on 2-4th Page in YouTube just after uploading it.

But we need first page ranking!

Is it hard?

Not at all!

I use a simple method, nothing complicated at all to get them quickly on first page.


Go to and buy 1 pack of 10,000 blog commenting backlinks OR 1 pack of 500 social bookmarking OR 1 pack of high PR link pyramid backlinks.

Just wait for them to deliver your backlinks and after that check your ranking. You will see within 2-3days your video will start ranking on 1st page. If you want to be in top 3, Buy a few more package of backlinks, especially link pyramids or blog commenting.

If you do not want to Buy Backlinks:

Then you can manually build your backlinks, just find related websites and blogs. Start commenting on them with your video link, also use forums to build your backlinks through
forum signature and profiles.

You can also use social media sites like facebook and twitter. Just share your video link on these sites and it will help you.

Traffic Method #2:

Youtube videos + Latest Trends!

What you need to do is, find latest hot trending news, like sports news, celebrity news, product release news etc.

And make a quick video saying stuffs like FREE GIVE AWAY. Tell people that they will get some bonus in return they have to sign up. And lucky 100 people will get some ebook or
anything as gift.

Just place link of your TWO Page Funnel below your video. And inside your video tell people to use the link below your video to sign up. They will click on your link and will go to your optin page and they will sign up.

What to promote this type of traffic?

The best stuff which works well here is – email or survey type of CPA offers

You can use Google Trends to find trending news.. Here is the link –

They display top trending news all over the world. Mainly target USA, UK, Australia, New Zeland and Canada.

I am use google alerts a lot.. Here’s the link

Just go to this website and then, create alerts for a few important terms like launching, release etc.

What will happen is – whenever there will be any news related to these terms Google will send you updates directly to your Gmail inbox.

Let me show you one example of how to use this to get traffic.

Let’s visit Google Alerts website, and let’s create an alert for term release.

So, whenever there will be any news related to release, Google will send us message.

Like here:


So, now what we are going to do is.. Just create a simple video. You can either get it done via fiverr or just use software like camtasia. Or you can even make a quick slideshow presentation with PowerPoint.

Video Content:

Video should be no longer than 1-2 minutes.

Just tell people, this phone is releasing on XX date, and anyone can get a free COPY if they sign up to your website just with name and email address.

Now, place link of your OPT-in page below your video, and boom, you have new traffic source. This can get you tons of traffic. And as we are targeting mostly USA, UK and other tier 1 countries, so we will be sending tier1 traffic to the CPA offers which we are promoting and we will make good income.

The amount of traffic is big, so you will make sufficient amount of money.

Also, ranking for these keywords are easier, as they don’t have too much competition.

Traffic Method #3:

Forum Signature + Blog Posting!

Forums have really highly targeted traffic as most of the people over here are niche related. So, if you place link of your TWO page funnel here, you will get hundred of laser
targeted traffic.

Let me show you one example, for better understanding:


In this example you can see after post, a signature is there. And in this signature you can place link of your CPA offer/two page funnel.

So, if your niche is related to Weight loss, then..

Place something like this – Learn How I lost 25 IBs in less than 4 weeks and then link to your OPT-in page.

Let me explain you whole steps in clear details:

Just go to Google, and search for:

Your Niche + Forum

Your Niche + Top Forum

List of top Forums in + Your Niche

Make a list of at least 2-3 forums, and create an account on them.


Start posting at least 5 posts per day. Do not worry you don’t need to be expert or anything. Just go to these forums, and hangout with people, and just ask questions or simply post replies to others thread.

You can also simple say something like, Nice post/Question mate! I am really enjoying this topic.

So, what I am trying to say over here is.. Just go and hangout, don’t worry about traffic, just keep posting and asking questions, if you have something informational then share it,
and traffic will come automatically in your way.


You know there is a way to multiply traffic from this source.

So, what is it?

Start your own thread asking Viral questions related to your niche.. Let me give you one example – If your niche is internet marketing, then ask something like – is internet marketing going to end in next 10 years? What would you do, if you were to start from scratch?

These types of questions get lots of attention and you will get lots of interaction to these types of threads.

To get most out of these types of threads, make sure to reply to each and every people who post on your thread.


Blog Comment Posting:

Find top website/blog in your niche. And whenever they post a new article, just try to be the first person to comment on. I usually see 70-120 visitors when I am the 1st or 2nd person to comment on a new post.

These traffics are high targeted ones like forums.

Let me show you one example:

blog comment

Let’s Move to Our Paid Traffic Method:

Forum Banner Advertisement!

Here’s One example:

warrior forum

It’s one of the easiest way to get high quality traffic which converts almost all types of CPA offer in your niche.

In previous free traffic method, I taught you how to use forum signatures to get free traffic. But you need to work at least 20-30 minutes per day.

But using Forum Banner Ads, you don’t need to work at all. You just need to find some good forums in your niche with decent amount of traffic, and buy banner ad space.
I prefer forums which sell banner ad space at fixed price.

They usually charge monthly or daily basis depending upon their traffic size.

First, you make a list of forums with decent traffic. So, the question here is – how to find such forums?

Step 1:

Search – top forums in + your niche

Best forum in + your niche

List of top forum is + your niche (Replace your niche with your keywords like make money

Make a list of at least 5 forums using this step.


Step 2 –

Go to and check their alexa ranking. The lower the alexa ranking, the better.

I would say always consider to go for forums below 50,000 alexa ranking.

Step 3 –

Visit these forums and check out their prices. Every forum has different price. Go with the forum which suits you the most.

Say Like, if you spend $50 for 7 days, and you got 300 clicks. Suppose we are promoting a CPS offers which pay us $10 per conversion.

And we got 5% conversion, which is highly possible. Then we end up making 15 sales. $10 for one sale, then 15 sales = $150!

We spent $50 and we got $150 back. $100 in profits.

For getting started you just need a banner/image, which you are going to use while advertising on forum, if you are good in designing, you can easily make a banner in less than 15 minutes. If you hate designing! Like me! Then you can always get this done for just $5 from

That’s all for this course!

I taught you how to setup your TWO-Page Funnel, and then how to find high converting CPA offers, and how to use 3 free traffic sources effectively to get 1000s of traffic, and then
how to use one paid traffic source which can easily make you 200-300% ROI within few days, without working at all!

I hope you guys enjoyed this course. I will end this course, by saying..
Thank you for reading.