Make Effective Sales Funnel Using Clickfunnel

create a 10X effective sales funnel using clickfunnel software

Hi viewers, How are you all? I hope you are well. Do you want to make money with affiliate or sales something in online? Do you want make sales funnel? If your answer is yes, Then This post is maybe help to you.

Today i will tell you that, How to make a 10X sales funnel using clickfunnel. So, Please read the guide carefully and make a sales funnel for earning more and more. So, Let’s start….

Introduction of sales funnel

What is a sales funnel? Many of us do not have the proper idea about it. And also do not know actually why it is and how to make it? In this post I simply give you a basic idea about sales funnel. I hope you can understand. If you want to create a effective sales funnel. Then please read this post carefully. If you reading this post and follow this method to create a effective sales funnel, Then you can easily create a effective sales funnel using this proven method of sales funnel.

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Stages of a sales funnel

Attentive: The client is always attentive to the existence of a product or service
Interest: Actively expressing an opinion in product group.
Decision/preference: Comparison & Potential Customer tries to make best possible decision.
Action/Purchase: The Customer actually purchases the product.

What we will learn in this post?

Introduction of sales funnel.
What is a sales funnel?
Stages of a sales funnel.
Squeeze Page/Landing Page.
Thank You Page.
Sales Page/Offer Page.
Formal sales funnel and Effective strategy.

What is The Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a system where your angle will help you to get product promotion and sales. You will understand better when it comes to a little bit of extraordinary discussion

What do we do when affiliate marketing? Let’s first account for any Affiliate Market Place. There is no affiliate link for the product and the visitor to the link starts sending it. And after working for a while, I went back frustrated in the previous place

This is a very foolish thing to do and this is why most of the marchers fail. A sales funnel is a system where you will be creating a list of your customers with the visitor and you can easily sell the product that you want to sell.

I give my example of a live sales funnel. See the image below I’ve created a book “A catch sheet on how to Building Email Profit for My Marketing Business per month”

landing page design

landing page

I am giving this book free of charge and when someone wants to download this book, its email address will be provided. If you do not give an email address, then he will not get the book. If you want to download the book by submitting a name and email address, I’m going to take it on this page. See the picture below.

Thank You page Design

thank you page design

Here I tell him thank you, you have successfully provided your information. The book has been sent to you via email. And with that I tell him to watch a free video. When he clicks on the video, I’m taking him to the page below and showing a live video.

Offer Page Design

offer page design

After watching this video, he will get a commission only if he makes an account in that company. And that’s my offer. See how I brought him the final offer by placing one page after finishing it. And if 100 people send me an email on my first page to download the free book, at least 5/10 people will be able to account for that offer. And when I am getting commission, I am getting commission.

Squeeze Page Design/Landing Page Design

Now, I’m going to describe about making sales funnel with click funnel software , you can easily buildup effective sales funnel by follow this method.

Okay, So Let’s see that method, How to make 10X sales funnel using click funnel software.

Step- 1: Get started now
First of all, you go to this link ( then coming to click-funnel registration form then you choose your value form with start Free Trail Now! Now Click this button—

Step- 2: Create your account Now
You need to create an account to make a sales funnel. So, Now complete your sign-up form, type your name, email, password. After all, click create my Clickfunnel account now!

Let me describe that, How it works:

Step- 3: Pick or Choose your sales funnel
First of all, you pick the kind of sales funnel that’s scientifically pre-designed to sell YOUR kind of product… therefore you’ll be able to finally send traffic to your provide and watch sales come in.

Step- 4: Select the design of page.
Another, you choose the design of page design that you simply just like the best. Therefore you’ll have your web site & funnel look every bit as good as the ones those Developer will take huge money to create for you.

Step- 5: Modify the page
Finally, you click a button, and also the entire funnel is prepared to appear less than ten seconds!”
You will handle selecting a kind of sales funnel, selecting the design, and so clicking a button…. Are you can’t do it?

All Page, All Step, All thing Is Done In Just few minutes.

You can then modification the headlines, add in your own pictures, place in your videos, add count clocks and a lot of…to really create it your own and maximize your results. And if you actually need to customize the page, that you’ll be able to do any time in a while, we’ve dozens of wonderful elements that you will make a choice from, just like a painter would choose a color from their pallet.

It’s literally up to you.

Then you simply drag and drop them onto the page. Move them around to your hearts content, And then set the sales funnel to go live.
Can simply Build Pages within A Sales Funnel That are tested To Convert!

Important Notice:
Maximum People mistake this Strategy. We send direct traffic in my offer page but this is completely wrong funnel. If you send 500 traffic you can collect 1 or 2 sales but 498 traffic already you lost. So, we should eliminate this method.

Formal sales funnel and Effective strategy

This is high strategy formula, so you follow & apply this method.
when we send 500 traffic then we will be able to collect 1 or 2 sales but 498 traffic already accumulate in my autoresponder software service. Personally, I use getresponse & Aweber software.

Then you will be able to send automatically email by email service software to all subscription user. Then you can generate 5 or 8 sales.

You must need this Tools:

-Getresponse or Aweber
-Clickmagic (Tracking software for track your campaign)

If you face problem then you contact with me or send a message for making your sales funnel. I am always free for help people. You can contact with me by comment here. Also you can send a direct message from contact us page. So, if you want to know anything then ask me. I will try my best. Thank you for reading this post. Please wait for more helpful and proven guide. I will always share helpful guide. All guide and method is proven by me.