How to make a youtube channel How to buy solo ads


In this tutorial we are going into the bits and pieces of how to make a youtube channel and also upload your videos for maximum traffic potential. You will learn also about everything. You need to know prior to creating your channel, as well as the exact steps from sign up to uploading your first video. Things you need to know before starting your channel

Know your audience:

If you already have a website or landing page, where you are selling something or capturing leads or visitor. chances are you already researched your target audience. Creating content for YouTube is not much different from that. As with any other format it’s always a better idea to create content for a specific audience rather than to try to reach everyone. In fact, the more specific the better! Generally, the type of person that you target with your product or affiliate product should be the same. That you would target in your videos.

Know your audience’s problems and desires:

The better your videos help to solve your target audience’s problems. And the better you understand their desires the more likely. It is that your channel will be successful in your niche. Research what kind of videos you can create, that will genuinely help them.

Decide what type of videos you want to create:

Some formats simply work better on YouTube than others. Tutorials, product reviews or any type of demonstrations (e. g. software, exercise, any other products) work really well on YouTube. Because the video format makes it easier for your target audience to consume the information. Generally people on YouTube want to either learn about or accomplish something (e. g. how to videos) or they simply want to be entertained.

Decide how regularly you want to publish new videos:

One video usually does not guarantee a successful channel. So, Usually you would have to create more videos to build your audience and to get a decent amount of views. This means that, you have to decide to publish new videos on a regular basis. Also, Decide how much time you want to and can invest in this. Then decide whether you want to publish a new video every week or twice a month. For example: The more videos you publish that have a target audience that is genuinely interested in your videos. The higher the chance that you can create some serious traffic with your channel.

Step-by-Step How to make a youtube channel

Now that you know what kind of videos to create for your audience. So let’s set up your channel.

Step 1: Sign up for YouTube

How to do it?
Go to
Click the Sign in button in the above right corner side of YouTube. Then Click Create Account.

Step 2: Create and name your YouTube channel

How to do it?
Make sure you’re signed in to YouTube. Try any action that requires a channel: e.g. upload, post a comment, or create a playlist. If you don’t yet have a channel, you’ll see a prompt to create a channel.

Step 3: Upload your first video and include your link in the description box
How to do it?
When you’re signed in on Then Click on the “upload” icon the top right side of the toolbar. And, grizzly goose! Just like that you’ve a free traffic source ‘setup’. Which is going to bring you traffic for years. If you have doubts about YouTube as a “real” source for getting traffic, and are wondering. – Does this method really work? Of course, it does. There are millions of people active on at any given time. Because they are on YouTube and they also want to watch videos. That’s really why they are there.

Now, all you need to do is find the “right” keywords in your niche. And start making videos. Soon, enough (<1 week) your videos will start getting traffic.

How do you find the right keywords?

Good question. Now, this is where we integrate Youtube Traffic with the Affiliate landing page or website. (If you haven’t gone through the Affiliate landing page or website – the special report, please read it first, and if you’re too busy to go through the whole tutorial – at least read the last chapter before proceeding)

So, here is the secret. Remember how we use the Offer#2/Affiliate offer to construct our funnel or website? You do remember, right?

Assuming you do:

Our new mission is to find keywords that are related to the affiliate landing page or website that you’ve selected. Now, what you’ve to do is make a list of keywords related on a Notepad: Type in the name of the affiliate product in the YouTube search bar and look for the suggestions. Put that entire list in your Notepad list. That keyword list is how you can start creating your videos with!

What if you run out of keywords?

Simple. Find your competitors’ products (products that are similar to your affiliate offer), make a list of keywords, and do the same. The more videos you make the higher the chance you’re going to rank on the first page of YouTube (or Google), and get traffic.
That’s how it works! Start taking action!

How to buy solo ads

To really do the ‘4 hour’ list building, you need to use PAID traffic. I know that some percentage of the audience reading this course is scared to spend money (or don’t have money to spend), that’s why I’ve introduced the Free Method of getting traffic in the previous tutorial. It works, but it takes a bit more time.

The truth about any Free Source is, “Free Traffic is not really Free…you don’t pay it with Money, but you do pay it with your TIME”

If you’re the kind of guy who has no patience for Free Traffic, and wants to bring home money quick, then Paid Traffic is the way to go.

One of the best ways to get traffic is with Solo ads. Now, I know that this method is old. Still, this method works. My favorite quote is, “You don’t need NEW things to make money, you need stuff that works”. Remember that. Stick to things that work. And you’ll be rich in no time.

For guys who don’t know what solo ads are – they are emails that list owners send to their email list. This email usually includes your link. And, thus you also get traffic from their list to your landing page. And, also you get the hottest and most active subscribers from their list to your offers or website.

In this section we are going to talk about How to buy solo ads step by step. So Let’s begin!

Here are the solo ads sites you can count on:
Warriorforum Classified Section [Highly Recommended]

Step 1:

Find a solo ad vendor who has an engaged list of subscribers that is interested in your niche. Note that it is highly important to find a niche specific seller as this will directly impact your conversion rate! (More about this in List Building Cheat Codes)

Step 2:

See how the pricing is structured. Are you paying on a fixed price basis (per email sent) or performance-based (opens, clicks, conversions)? Latter is preferred. Most of the time you’ll be paying for clicks delivered to your squeeze page. Don’t pay more than $0.60 per click for your first ads, till you know your squeeze page has a good conversion rate. (More about this in List Building Cheat Codes)

Step 3:

Write your email copy (so-called swipe): While you can send long-form email copy to your own list as much as you want, I recommend keeping it rather short and simple when it comes to copy for solo ads. Because you don’t know your vendor’s list. You also don’t know what voice and content they are used to. Cover all the basic questions, such as “who, where, what, when, why and how?” Have a strong Call-to-Action, and make sure to include your link at least twice if the vendor is ok with that. Most of the times, the vendors will write the email themselves.

There is a lot more detailed info about buying solo ads in the List Building Cheat Codes book, go through it, before you buy any ads for yourself. That’s pretty much it.

I think we have come full circle. Now that you know how to buy traffic you are on your way to building a successful internet empire with Solo ads. As I said, it takes a lot less than 4 hours, if you start from scratch. That’s how long it took me to get my first funnel setup. It’s an easy process, don’t complicate it. The thing is that you’re bound to make mistakes, but don’t let that stop you. Everyone makes mistakes. As an entrepreneur you have to develop a stomach for it, and keep moving.

Never let the fear of failure stop you from getting to success! That’s what I want to
pass on to you.
Take Action! Win!