How to change permalinks in wordpress – Best Permalink Structure

How to change permalinks in wordpress - Best Permalink Structure

Hi mate, Today i will tell you about, What is the best permalink structure. How to change permalinks in wordpress.

Which Is the Best Permalink Structure for the Website?

Are you looking for the best Permalink Structure for your website? If Yes then this article will help in making your decision. Here, in this article, we have written about the best Permalink Structure for your blog or website.

But before starting with the article, let us first understand the meaning of Permalink Structure of your blog or website.

What is Permalinks?

Permalink refers to the URL structure of your website or blog. In, the highlighted content is Permalink.

permalink structure

For creating a successful blog, Permalink Structure is the first factor that you need to consider. It is very important that you decide the permalink structure before start making a post on your website or blog. This is because once decided this can’t be changed easily. If you changed your Permalink Structure than it will result in lots of ‘No Content Found‘ error. Hence, it is also advisable not to change the structure once decided.

Of course, there is a way to change it but when you do the cost-benefit analysis, you will not find it fruitful. Changing the structure means you dead of your old URLs and hence it will give 404 error on your website or blog. This error can be resolved using 301 redirects but if not planned properly then it may negatively impact your website or blog. In fact, this could be one of the reasons for the failure of your blog also.

Hence, it is not advisable to change the structure unless there is a real need for it. The need may arise when you change the niche of blogging or you are moving your blog to another domain name. Except for this, there should not be any other needs to change the permalink structure.
Importance of Permalink Structure
Next, assuming you are using WordPress for your blog, let us discuss a different kind of permalink structures available in WordPress. The various kinds of permalink structure in WordPress are discussed below.

    • Plain with Post Id: This is the default id and it works best with the e-commerce website selling similar kind of product online.
    • Link with Month and Year:It is permalink ending with Month and Year in the end. It is best for a news website.
    • Day and Name: This permalink use date and post name as it’s URL structure.
  • Numeric: In this structure, instead of using post name, numbers are used as permalink structure.
  • Ending with Post Name: It is the best URL structure. It does not impact your website on changing and deleting the category or tag.
  • Custom Permalink: As the name suggest this is the custom link structure. If you possess the technical knowledge then you can use this type of permalink

This option is available on all blogging platforms. The only difference is the location and name of this option. In WordPress, these options are available under the Setting Page of the dashboard. In. As shown in the below-attached image, in WordPress, you can select any one of the permalink structure for your blog.

Best Permalink Structure

But a question may arise, which one is the best permalink structure for your blog or website? To get the answer please read below.

The answer to this question is different for different kinds of website or blog. Actually, it depends on your blog niche. If you blog is on News where the time is very important then Day or Month and Name permalink structure are very important. This is because it will tell the search engine that the particular news pertains to which month?

But if you blog is pertaining to the particular niche where you frequently need to change the post name the Numeric structure is best for you. This is because, in the numeric structure, the URL will remain the same though you change the post title.

Next, for rest Post Name structure is best permalink structure. This will work best for almost all blogs. In fact, this is the best permalink structure.

The benefits of Post Name structure are as follows

  1. It does not get change with a change in category of the post.
  2. Using Post name as Permalink Structure is good for blog SEO.
  3. Your Permalink Structure will tell what your blog post is all about?

Hence, if you don’t know which structure will work best for you then you can select the Post Permalink. This will work best for any kind of blog. Next, there is one more option called Custom Permalink Structure is also available. If you are looking for the custom structure then you can select this.

Next, another question may arise to you. What if you want to change the permalink structure in between.

How to change permalinks in wordpress

Simple, in this case, log in to your dashboard and change it from the Setting Page. That’s it. All the URL including old ones will get changed as per option selected.

Of course, all old URLs will become dead and your users will get 404 error for that URLs. The only ways to resolve this problem is using a proper redirect, to know how please read below.

If you are getting lots of ‘Content Not Found’ error after changing your permalink then you can repair the same using 301 redirects or install a third-party plugin for the same. You can also suggest the redirect rules in the htaccess file of your website.

So, we hope you are cleared with the best permalink structure. It is always advisable to use the permalink with post name for your website.

Over to You

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