What is VR headset oculus rift – How does vr work

What is VR headset oculus rift - How does vr work
What is VR headset oculus rift - How does vr work

My experience with the VR headset

What is vr headset? How does vr work? The rift comes in a great package. This thing is super nice. The whole build quality, the experience of unboxing is really good. The quality of package is also so good that it feels like it is an apple product. Every thing is nicely designed and feels good. The box is made up of a premium material. This box is essentially a suitcase. Which can be used for storing the headset and carrying it around. And finally I really appreciate that stuff how does vr work.

Now the setup, setting up the headset is very easy. But you have to be warned that it requires lots of usb ports. So, you just need to plug it in and it’ll guide you through. They have made it so simple that even your grandma can set up it. For the reason that, We have to give credit to Oculus, that they have made something so complicated so easy. This is really helpful for consumers.

The headset is made up of a premium material. The construction, design and build quality is a amazing. It have a soft touch to it. The headset is very comfortable and it is also light on head compared to other VR’s. The RIFT comes with a built-in headphones that comes over your ears. These headphones are removable but they’re really good. You can use them with your headset.

But something we have to acknowledge that the screen is not that good according to its price. And it is good, you won’t be facing any problems if you are a normal user. But if you are a hard-core Gamer then you would be able to point out some pixels.

Now the Oculus Home main game hub is pretty nice. It is very easy to use. It also gets frequent updates which will give you new experience every time you update it.

In terms of games it does have some exclusives. You’ll get immersive experiences but for short bursts.

With the Rift you will be able use steam VR. And many games do support the RIFT like dirt rally. So if you have dirt rally on steam, then you can play it on oculus rift.

Now, system requirements are very steep… You’ll need minimum 3 usb 3.0 ports, at least a GTX 970, core i5 and 8 GB of ram.


How does vr work

Eve: Valkyrie

Trippy? Check. Stomach-churning? One of the best Rift games so far? You bet! The high production value space dog fighting game features some of the best game play on the Oculus.


Enjoy solving puzzles? Doe’s the description “cyberpunk hacking in virtual reality” light up your eyes like Christmas morning? Darknet is reminiscent of Hollywood’s appalling movie interpretation of “hacking” from the ’80s.


Attempt to save your home land by entering an incient labyrinth that only open once a year. We must admit there is always a special place in our hearts for a thoughtful adventure title. The game feels a little bit like Dark Souls with its unconvincing difficulty level and atmospheric exploring.

The best part:

VR lets you see just how grand the environments and bosses are beast . When your hero stands on the edge , you can clearly see its an hug drop to the bottoms.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explore

You do not really need an Oculus Rift to play this one, but don’t let that keep you away. Keep Talking and Nobody Explores is a perfect party game that only requires one VR headset to play. The person in the headset has to defuse a bomb, of the hilariously complex bomb defusal manual. Learn to communicate.

Its not a technical Gravity

The Game, but by gosh it’s extremely close. Memory loss, Space, a wreckage, and often times all we can focus on its for finding oxygen to breathe. . Just be warned its not an easy game play . The Rift makes you feel the disinformation and claustrophobia you might expect to have as a drifting astronaut.


Now if you could play a game of StarCraft on your laptop , with an honest-to-goodness Transformer jet leading your army of toy tanks and soldiers. Thats Airmech VR and this strategic multiplayer arena game is surely worth the VR work upgrade from what we have seen so far. It is not a deepest real-time strategy game, but it is indefinitely a beginner-friendly game, and it is also a blast to transform your small robot into a jet, scoop up some strong battle tanks, and drop them into a skirmish.


Drive a car, Meet some friends and enjoy the combat racing on a tiny scale. BlazeRush keeps it simple: no health, no brakes, just good , you can stand up to get an overview of the track, or lean in close to find the perfect moment to seize the lead.

Virtual Desktop

This is not a game. This is an application that if you ask us should come with every single Oculus and HTC Vive headset. It is just same of the name implies, Virtual Desktop give you access your whole Windows desktop from inside the Rift or Vive. It means there is do not need to hook up an outside monitor to the computer. Or take the vr headset in your head — then set Virtual Desktop to launch every time you reboot your Computer. And at this time you put the Rift on, your computer will be waiting for you.

You get only virtual monitor but you can stretch it around your entire field of view. You can play any desktop game on the equivalent of a gigantic screen, or watch 3D videos without needing a 3D TV, and it’ll pipe all of your PC’s audio through the Rift headphones. Bonus voice commands is bow you ask ( What time is it? ) or start apps without click on them.

The Climb

Fresh air? Chalked hands? Gorgeous vistas with a sheer drop below? Generally, only if you’re an actual mountain climber. The Climb tries to reproduce the heart pounding tension and it looking down, all from the safety of your bedroom. While we don’t think VR work should necessary replacing real-life tangible experiences like climbs mountains, The Climb is a beautiful virtual-reality experience for those who would never risk the actual thing.

Core Damaged

We have only seen a small portion of this game but its already on our shortlist. Partly, that because laser rifiles and magnify sight are really good. The remote hacking is a pretty neat way to deal with the problem that walking around video game worlds can still be fairly dispiriting in VR headset. the game looks spectacular.


An action-adventure game with You’re an explorer investigating a lost Antarctic expedition, and your rescue mission rapidly becomes more of a fight-for-your-life situation. Very unnerving, but visually pleasing. Such as Chronos, virtual reality make the environments seem much more grand – and terrifying than they would on a 2D screen.