How to become a fashion designer – Secret Guide

how to become a fashion designer

Fashion Designer is the most popular working platform for the youth. It’s so much challenging profession in the world. There is a lot of designs implement in a day. So many opportunities waiting for you in this profession. You can show you extraordinary talented in this sector. You can build your career as a fashion designer. The internet is very surprising, to find a better job and to go to the fashion industry. In this article, we will try to answer this question. So lets start reading about How to become a fashion designer.

How to become a fashion designer

A little about designer clothes and a fashion designer.

Sometimes they claim a fashion designer, clothing apparel and designers. Who are involve in the same job as a stylist. This is not quite the case and it needs to understand it.


The word “design” was first introduced in XVI. It was time, and in the middle of the XIX century it became widespread. At that time, various new technologies and production were actively developing. In the Soviet Union, the designers became familiar with many in the second half of the 20th century. But the words “design” upotreblyaly instead of the word Avto with Soviet ideology somehow communicated strange words “designing hudozhestvennoe.”

The USSR situation collapsed and there was a lot of change in Russia. There are many new possibilities to become a fashion designer highly sought after designer’s career.

Fashion Designer

The word “fashion designer” broadens in Russia. In other countries, this term is absent, and the word is use instead of “designer”. Although many people, when they talk about designing clothes, the difference between fashion designers and designers is not understand. They are busy in various things. Modeling clothes is a fashion designer. And the designers are involve in designing it.

Modeling Clothes

This process is a rather long process of designing clothing involving the use of different methods and techniques for converting clothes. During this process, the concept of the project is first develop. The main task of the design is to determine.

To become a fashion designer needs to develop new clothes using existing models. Many fashion designers around the world are involve in such issues. The list of fashion week participants in various cities is constantly being replace. In Milan and Paris as well as New York and London pass such activities, the second city, where the fashion passes Nedeli, will be very fashionable odevatsya lovers and professional. Often the new collection represents only a bit of simulated clothes, and is not something completely new

Fashion Designer work in modern society

If you want to become a fashion designer. Then you should definitely know that, this profession creates a new residence for a person. Designers are not involve in the innovation of things. In the retro style of other fashionable things in the modern world. He created a whole new place for a modern consumer society.

Qualifying, who is more important?

Both jobs are need in modern society. So, Now it is understand by the society as well. Therefore, Russia has these two business needs. The designer works in a variety of test workshops, which are available in modern enterprise. They can be find in the design bureau.

Fashion designer works in a studio with knitwear and tailoring initiatives. Designer, if desired, can be a fashion designer. And vice versa, a fashion designer might be an excellent designer.

Fashion designer and specialist career

Thumbnails are related to creation. She is looking for new silhouettes and shapes on a piece of paper. Also works out all types end and different product design details. There are various stages that designers sketch from the first sketch to the technical drawings. Then the complete work is give to the constructor. And he is developing a drawing in the design. Engage in drawing development. He changes the characteristics of a particular product model like a customer’s design or fashion designer.

Fashion design technicians

The process of making or selecting all kinds of sewing products. And simplifying the process of making new things, looks for the most suitable methods of processing.

Every piece of clothing in this business involves knowledge at all levels of production. It needs to be paint and design. To be able to organize a demonstration of models and so on. For entrepreneurs, a fashion designer needs a wagon. Because it is not helpful for the designers of the state. And only very large well-known companies can have many designers from many experts. These companies have large amounts of production.

For the designers, they must define the main idea of the whole collection, design and sketch design. Tailoring technology and create a scenario. The designers are taking part in the development of various advertising companies.

Clothing designers are designing modern dresses and are engage in creating conventional trends. Many people believe that fashion designer’s second name is fashion designer. In fact, the designer is a more widespread feature, which is the designer’s and designer’s duties.

Clothing designer’s career is consider to be the most attractive. Such as popularity, an attractive secular life and high returns. But this medal is only one side. As well as the fashion show, the designer’s work includes many routine duties before the end of a new collection.

Fashion Designer Working Place

Designer’s position is suit in the sewing factory, studio, design studio and fashion house. In cases, clothing designers work for themselves and make clothes in their own brands.

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Duties of Clothes Designer

  • Development of the concept of product range development
  • Market monitoring, analysis and conventional trends research.
  • Design products for seasonal collection (as well as adjusting to old models).
  • Collection graphic documentation development.
  • Create templates
  • Select materials and accessories (searchable products and design material in the finished product market)
  • Sample development and approval
  • Example management
  • Collection and Presentation and Collection Shows

The main requirements for clothes designer:

  • Secondary special or higher professional education.
  • PC knowledge (Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Photoshop).
  • Experience in making graphics documentation.
  • Design Quality Manufacturing Skills
  • Artists taste

Sometimes clothes designer may be need:

  • Foreign (more often English) language knowledge
  • Availability of a valid passport (for travel abroad)

An opportunity for these career representatives will be internship abroad or well-known domestic designer. As well as the author of the author’s credentials.