Best Travel agency software for travel agencies

Best Travel agency software for travel agencies
Best Travel agency software for travel agencies

Hi, How are you all? I hope you are well. You came here, Because you want to know about travel agency software for travel agencies. If you want to make a travel agency. Then you must need a travel agency software. So today i will share here a software. And also share Some details of travel agency software. So, lets start.

Travel agency software for travel agencies

Today i will tell you about Travelon. It is the best travel agency software. It is make for travel agencies. Travelon is best for travel agencies. Because, It is build with many useful feature. For the reason that, Travelon is popular. (popular for travel agency software for travels agencies.

Travelon is a desktop based Accounting and CRM software application. It is best for travel
agencies. The software takes care of all back office operations of a travel agency or a DMC.
Right from the point of inquiry generation to follow-ups, to quotations, to invoicing. And also finally payments and receipts. – All of this and much more. The software helps you manage every vertical of travel and tourism. Bellow are some example.

  • Hotel Room Booking
  • Package Booking
  • Air Ticket Invoicing
  • Car Rental
  • Visa Services
  • Attraction / Sight Seeing
  • Itinerary Management
  • Train Ticket Booking
  • Bus Booking

Process Management Travel Agency

1. The process management starts from an inquiry. Which can enter in the system by
the company’s staff. At this moment, the agent has the option of requesting quotations from multiple vendors for inquiry. The agent or agent’s staff also can manage the follow up to each inquiry. And thus keep a communication record. Which also can use for analysis purpose.

2. Travel agency software agent can create a quotation against the inquiry. He can do it, Using the most sophisticated yet simple tool for quotation generation in travel industry. So that, the agent can provide multiple options in one quotation to the client to choose. For example, Deluxe package may have hotels of deluxe range. And Super Deluxe Package may also have better options. Thus, when the client receives the quotation. Which is automatically generate from the system. He / she will be able to choose between Deluxe and Super Deluxe Package.

3. The agent also can generate multiple quotations against an inquiry. Until the client approves it. On approval, the quotation also can pull to billing process. Where the approve quotation is verify, confirm. And purchase details are also enter correctly. The system is design in such a manner. That, the agent can enter the sale and purchase details at the same time. Which makes the billing process faster and easier. The hotel vouchers, air tickets, car vouchers and itineraries can also generate during invoicing.

4. Travel agency software’s payments and Receipts can enter bill-wise. And the inquiry file is close successfully. Once complete payments and receipts are completely do In case of cancellation, a debit note and credit note also can create.

Important Features travel agency software

1. Email and SMS Integration

Travel agencies software Reports, Invoices and Vouchers also can sent to guests and clients instantly via email and SMS.

2. Attach Documents

Travel agency software’s agent can attach scanned documents like passport copies, citizen ID card, etc. to an invoice / client / vendor / passenger

3. Remain connected with your customers

Travel software system can even help you keep in touch with your customers without you doing anything. For instance, the system can inform a traveler 1 day prior. To check-in date or flight date about his trip. Or stay on its own. Similarly, the system can even send messages to customers on their birthdays and anniversaries.

4. Email Scheduler

Travel agency software have identified certain reports as very important reports. Which the business owner would like to have access to even if he is not in front of the system. Email scheduler allows the agent to configure certain important reports on his email on daily / weekly / monthly basis.

5. Multiple Offices

The Windows base system can be operate from multiple locations with cloud technology or static IP.

6. User Rights

The system administrator can create multiple users, assign rights to different modules, and define the activities (add / edit / delete / view) they can perform.

Travel agency software reports

Travelon is popular for its reporting features travel agency software. Which are unparalleled in the Indian market since years now. The detailed reporting tool lets the agent micro level analysis of his / her business. Some of the reports which are widely use by travel agents are:

  1. All Vertical Report
  2. Booked By Report
  3. Sales Analysis
  4. Purchase Analysis
  5. Outstanding Payable / Receivable
  6. File Management Report
  7. Check-in / Travel Date Report
  8. Group-wise Sales Report
  9. Profit Center Report

Travel agency software core Accounting Reports – Day Book, Multiple views of Ledger, Payment Report, Receipt Report, Bank Reconciliation, Taxation Reports, Profit and Loss, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, GST Reports.