Best Aesthetics plugin for wordpress websites

Best Aesthetics plugin for wordpress websites

Plugins & Addons

Since plugins and addons are technically all niche specific. I have listed them based on some of the more sought after functionality. And I have also listed that sought after functionality in alphabetically for easier reference. The more sought after functionality categories I’ve listed are as follows:

Aesthetic functionality
Affiliate functionality
Banner ad management functionality
Booking or reservation functionality
Ecommerce/WooCommerce functionality
Forms functionality
Login & membership functionality
Marketing (non-email) functionality
Marketing (email) functionality
Niche specific theme functionality
Security functionality
SEO functionality
Social share locker functionality
And Social media integration functionality
Social media management functionality
Miscellaneous functionality

– Aesthetics –

Ad Flap Pro ($11)

Get your adverts notice without the use of any popups or modals with Ad Flap Pro. This cool plugin offers unlimited flaps and easy customization. To learn more visit >> Ad Flap Pro.

Beaver Builder (free & paid versions)

Looking to easily build awesome WP pages or sites without all the difficulty? Then Beaver Builder can quite possibly be the answer. Offering drag and drop capabilities and plenty of features. This plugin can help you build pleasant WordPress pages and/or websites. To learn more visit >> Beaver Builder.

Fancy Text Widget ($8)

If you are familiar with WordPress. Then you are more than likely familiar with widgets. Widgets can be use for as well as contain a variety of content. And with this fancy plugin, it happens to be text. With this plugin, you can add some cool graphics to your text widget. And it works on nearly any sidebar. To learn more visit >> Fancy Text Widget.

Floatton ($19)

Floatton happens to be a premium WP plugin. That allows you to add cool floating “call to action” button functionality to your posts, pages, etc. It also offers features like content restriction. The ability to add nearly any kind of content to a button and more. To learn more visit >> Floatton.

Hero Maps Premium ($19)

Although many (if not most) WordPress themes come with the ability to integrate Google maps. Into your website not many offer the breadth of customization as Hero Map Premium. This plugin offers marker packs. The ability to use your own markers, drag and drop builder and more. To learn more visit >> Hero Maps Premium.

Hero Menu ($19)

Although many WordPress themes already offer great flexibility and functionality. When it comes to creating menus. Not all offer such things as mega menu capabilities. It is also fully WooCommerce ready or have a badass drag and drop menu builder. Hero Menu does though! It also offers more rich features as well. To learn more visit >> Hero Menu Premium.

Hero Slider ($18)

There are some really great content sliders out there. But nearly all of them, have a bit of a learning curve to conquer particularly for non-techies. With Hero Slider however, you can skip the learning curve. And simply create stunning sliders with a variety of content quick and easy. Via using its awesome drag and drop builder. With a ton of rich features from creating dynamic sliders (i.e. adding social feeds, blog posts, etc.). It is able to add ecommerce content to your sliders this plugin rocks. To learn more visit >> Hero Slider.

Interactive Map Builder ($21)

If you have a need for one of those maps. Where it allows your users to click on individual states (or even countries) within a larger map. Then this plugin is for you. So, what you have been waiting for. Interactive Map Builder is a good plugin. It allows you to build awesome map. And also graphically rich interactive maps of individual states, countries, continents or even the whole world. With more than 300 maps at your disposal this plugin does not miss a beat. When it comes to interactive maps. To learn more visit >> Interactive Map Builder.

LayerSlider ($22)

Much more than just a mere slide show creator. LayerSlider has the ability to create all sorts of stunning animations. It create from awesome image galleries to landing pages to full websites and more. This cool drag and drop animation builder can be a definite asset to nearly any WP website. To learn more visit >> LayerSlider.

Master Slider ($17)

Another kickass drag and drop slider is Master Slider. It can be an asset to nearly any WP website. Packed with more than 70 pre-built sliders. The ability to load as well as display images or galleries from Facebook or Flickr. As well as being able to integrate WooCommerce into your slides. It make this slider a worthy addition to nearly any WP website. To learn more visit >> Master Slider.

Mega Footer ($15)

Tired of those same old WP footers? Well now you can add some awesomeness to your site’s footer. You can do it with the marriage of Mega Footer and the awesomely powerful Visual Composer. You can easily put al-most any Visual Composer element within your site’s footer. Rich in features this plugin is what your footer has been missing. To learn more visit >> Mega Footer.

Ninja Kick: Sliding Panel ($19)

Want to add some really cool and very useful functionality to WP website? Then checkout the Ninja Kick: Sliding Panel plugin. With the so many different use possibilities from hidden navigation to social feeds to banner ads. And also so much more. This plugin can be a great asset to nearly any WP website. To learn more visit >> Ninja Kick: Sliding Panel.

Pullout Widgets ($18)

Looking to add some graphical flare to your WP widgets? Then you’ll appreciate the Pullout Widgets plugin. This WP plugin lets you turn any widget into a stylish “slide out to be seen” widget trigger. You can do it by using user defined actions from this plugin. What’s more you can put nearly any content (text, galleries, videos, forms, menus, etc.) within them. To learn more visit >> Pullout Widgets.

Site Origin CSS (free)

For those of you who want more control over your website’s CSS. (Which is essentially the look and feel of your website.) Then Site Origin has just the plugin for you, namely Site Origin CSS. And it is built by a team of passionate developers. They making this WP CSS editor a real treat to non-techie and tech-heads alike. To learn more visit >> Site Origin CSS.

Site Origin – Page Builder (free)

Looking for a really cool, kickass drag and drop WP page builder. That also happens to be free? Then Site Origin’s Page Builder is just what you’ll need. It is Built as passionately as Site origin’s CSS editor. This WP plugin is also more than capable of pleasing both beginners. As well as seasoned developers alike. To learn more visit >> Site Origin’ Page Builder.

Slate Pro ($22)

If you want to add some of your own branding to the WordPress admin dashboard, login screen. And also more for you and/or your clients. Then Slate Pro has you covered with many features and options. To learn more visit >> Slate Pro.

Slider Revolution ($25)

When it comes to slider animation builders. Then Slider Revolution is the Rolls Royce of sliders. Used on more than 2 million WordPress websites. And also bursting with rich features. It would be hard pressed to find another slider as wildly popular or as flexible. A definite asset to any WP website. To learn more visit >> Slider Revolution.

Ultra WordPress Admin Theme ($22)

If you are tired of the standard back-end WP dashboard theme, That comes with WP. Then checkout Ultra WordPress Admin Theme. Technically a theme but exclusive to the WP backend admin dash-board. So I listed it among plugins. Since you can’t actually build a frontend site with it. To learn more visit >> Ultra WordPress Admin Theme.

White Label Branding ($25)

Take control of your WP admin with the ability to customize. As well as brand it as you see fit. From custom dashboard meta boxes to being able to hide menus, sub menus. And also tool bar items to managing user roles to being able to control. Which users see what content makes. White Label Branding a great WP tool to have. To learn more visit >> White Label Branding.

Widget Ninja ($12)

Unfortunately with some themes you can’t always get the most from your website’s widgets. Fortunately now with the Widget Ninja plugin you can. Rich features include more than 20 conditional tags to control your widget’s visibility. As well as an intuitive drag and drop graphical user interface. To learn more visit >> Widget Ninja.

WordPress Admin Theme ($12)

This is another awesome backend admin dashboard theme. That I selected to list among plugins rather than list among themes. Since you can’t actually build a frontend website with it. However, this backend theme packs a graphical punch to add style. And also uniqueness to your (or your clients – for designers and developers who wish to use it) WP backend panel. Completely “white label” branding capable. To learn more visit >> WordPress Admin Theme.

WPBakery Page Builder ($34)

Used by more than 2 million WordPress websites and formerly known as Visual Composer. WPBakery Page Builder is kickass, when it comes to a feature rich WP page editor. Offering both frontend as well as backend editing capabilities. Also more than 50 premium content elements. More than 100 predefined layout choices and extendable even more. With more than 200 3rd party addons are just a few of the many features this powerful plugin boasts. To learn more visit >> WPBakery Page Builder.

WP Content Crawler ($24)

Rich with features. WP Content Crawler allows you to collect a variety of content. It crawl from nearly any site to display on your WP site for a variety of purposes. Use it to collect news, articles, products, etc. To display on your WP site. And also to offer more content to your visitors. Or even to make money by displaying your affiliate content. To learn more visit >> WP Content Crawler.