7 Instant Traffic Method

instant traffic method
7 Instant Traffic Method

7 Instant Traffic Method

Hi there, I am the Founder and CEO of WikiAgain.com . I love to learn and develop new strategies for on-line business. I have also own several other mini sites for various purposes. This quick guide about of 7 Instant Traffic Method is to provide you some exclusive and instant traffic generating tricks. Hope you will enjoy the lessons that are written in this small guide. If you are confused with any part of this Guide, Then please send me your question via Email. I will be always ready to help you.

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Can you run any online business without Traffic?
Obviously the answer is NO, isn’t it?

More than 70% website and blog owners suffer from not getting enough traffic. Each and every on-line business is based on traffic. If there is NO Traffic then there is NO Business over the Internet. Therefore, on-line activists and asset owners are very concern about generating traffic. He who can be Master in Traffic Generation will ultimately turn into Master of Making Money just like Vick Strizheus.
I cannot ensure you massive traffic like Vick and guarantee to earn huge money like him. However, this Free Guide will take you through some highly effective
strategies to get thousands of traffic just INSTANTLY!

I am not willing to waste your valuable time by writing less important information in this quick guide. Therefore, let’s jump over these 7 Instant Traffic Method and burn your blog, website or on-line business with irresistible Fire of traffic.

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#1. Experts round up

This trick is known as the most effective and power strategy to get instant traffic to your blog in present time. Amazing fact is this trick is deadly easy,
simple and quick. This strategy has two basic parts; one is mentioning Experts on your blog and another is letting them know about the mention.
You can literally get hundreds of social shares and thousands of visitors with a couple of days with this trick. Here I have mentioned 2 ways to apply this strategy effectively:

A. Asking Question to Experts:

You can simply send Emails to experts and ask them question(s) that most of the people are seeking solution for.
In most cases you will get reply as your as appreciating their knowledge and asking for help but don’t forget to mention (in your Emails) that you are going to
publish a round up post with their answers. Most of the experts love to help others as it will give them opportunity to expend their popularity.
Although this process takes much time as you need to wait for the replies but your post will spread like fire after publishing as you already have
built relation with those experts. Just send them a quick Email about the published post along with the URL and see the magic.

B. Collecting best posts of Experts:

This type of round up post can be called pre-mention round ups because here you are going to mention the expert first
then send them Emails about it. In this case you neither need to send question nor need to wait for the reply. Sound quite time saving, right?
Yes this type of round up will save your huge time but it’s a little bit less effective than the post-mention round ups because most of the experts may not open
your Email as they are getting hundreds of Emails every day. Still this process has the ability to drive hundreds of social signals and thousands of
traffic within short time. In this process you need to make a list of top experts, top influencers, top blogs or top articles and publish the list via your blog.
After publishing the post just send a quick Email to the experts whom you have mentioned.

To get the best result from round up post you can mention experts via social networks while sharing the post via your social profile.
It will help you to get bigger exposure.

#2. Comment on Blogs

Blog commenting trick will give you backlinks and chance to build strong relation with other experts of your field along with instant traffic.
Yah! This trick can bring very powerful result if you can use it correctly. Firstly learn to write valuable comment.

Here is the road map to write superb comment on others blog:

Trick to write valuable comment:

A valuable comment has 4 parts which are Greeting, Appreciating, Providing value and Promising. Remember, before putting a valuable comment you must go through
the whole article which will help you a lot while writing comment.

Greeting – It means saying Hi or Hello to the writing by addressing his/her name. For example: “Hi khokon”, “Hello John”, “What’s up Jack” etc.

Appreciating – This steps refers to giving thanks to the article writer as well as mentioning how the article helped you.
This step make the writer happy and encourage to write more. So, don’t miss this part.

Providing value – This is the main part of valuable comment which separates ex-ordinary comments from the ordinary one. You can share you practical experience,
your friend’s experience, your question, your addition to the article and so more in this part. Make sure you are providing better value in the comment which is
related to the topic of the article instant traffic method.

Promising – In this part you can mention the action that you took to promote the article.

For example:

“I cannot resist myself from sharing this article”,
“I did a tweet of your article”, “I told my friend about this article”, “I bookmarked it” etc. Remember DON’T lie with the writer.
It’s not a big deal to make a share of the article. So, just share the article and let the writer know about your share. It will highly inspire the writer.
So I gave you the Secret formula of writing great blog comment. Isn’t this trick seems easy to you? Hope your answer is YES.
This simple comment strategy can bring long term positive result for your blog.

Here are some additional tips to make blog commenting strategy more effective to get instant traffic. First and Second comment of any blog post get more clicks comparing to other comments.
Therefore, to get the biggest part of traffic you must put the first comment on blog article.

Here are some tips for that:

1. Subscribe to popular blogs of your niche so that you will get notification about new post via Email and get the chance to put first comment.
2. Visit on-line communities and surf latest blog post submission. This is the goldmine to make first comment and to get the biggest pie of blog comment traffic.

#3. Spread all over the Forum

Spreading over the forums is pretty easy and fast method to drive loads of super targeted traffic. First of all, sign up for some forums that allow signature
(Text or Code description that will appear after your every forum post) and complete your profile so that you can increase your authenticity. Write an eye catching text linking to your blog or website in the signature part and start helping other forum members by providing valid answers of their asked questions. While providing reply you must focus on giving valuable answer rather than making reply for the sake of replying.
You can also start a new thread with burning topic and ask question or provide solution. Providing solution of any ongoing problem is even more effective to drive instant
traffic. You need to focus on contribution to the forum and rest of the job will be done by your forum signature link.

Here are some top forums:


Example is here:

7 Instant Traffic Method example

#4. Answer others Question

Helping others is the best way to get pixel targeted traffic across the internet world. Lots of people are asking questions over Q/A sites, forums and social media networks. Q/A sites are the best place to help and get instant traffic. Simply visit Q/A sites and search for questions of your field by typing keyword or topic in the search bar. Find out the latest questions and make a helpful answer. If your site already has the solution then link it with your answer otherwise use your site’s link as your identity at the bottom of answer along with your name.

Here is an example:

example of answer question

People who will find your answer helpful are most likely to visit your site to know more.

#5. Social Re-post

Most of the people share blog posts only once via social networks. But the experts suggest to share several times maintaining a certain schedule. You can also share the same blog post on social networks constantly with an interval of 2-3 days which will drastically increase instant your traffic without even creating any content. Don’t forget to use relevant hash tags while making shares. You can also schedule social shares and make it automated via
on-line tools such as Buffer App, Hootsuite, Socialoomph etc. Here are some top social networks to drive instant traffic:

1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. LinkedIn
4. Tumblr
5. Google plus
6. Instagram

So, what are you waiting for? Start sharing your old posts right now. Wait Wait before starting re-sharing go through 6th and 7 Instant Traffic Method of this guide for
unlocking more traffic.

#6. Follow Reddit

Getting traffic from Reddit is instant also a little bit tricky and thus you must be strategic with each and every step. Most of the marketers believe that “Reddit hate Marketers”. This believe is true up to a certain level because you will be banned from Reddit if you seems doing marketing over there.

Here is the little trick to drive instant Reddit traffic without being banned.

1. Don’t think of promoting your stuffs at least for first 7-10 days.
2. In the first week engage with the audience of sub-reddit that suits to your blog’s topic and do comment as well as up votes on other submissions.
3. Find some most asked questions of that niche and submit a post that solves that particular problem. You can add your site’s link in the
content (as hyper link) or add it as credit link as shown in 4th Traffic Hack.
4. Try to add a question at the end of your post to increase engagement. The more engagement you will get the more traffic you can drive to your blog.

In most cases Reddit traffic comes in high volume in short time. Warning for you; if your post gets more attraction, Reddit will make your server down by sending boat loads of traffic within few hours.

#7. Be an E-mail master

Maybe, Email is the only tool that can instantly bring massive targeted traffic to any site over the Internet. However, you need to do some works before getting this
massive instant traffic via Email. Either you have to setup your Email marketing tool (it maybe cost money) or go for building RSS subscribers.

Email marketing tool: I also support GetResponse as Email marketing tool, which is very user friendly both for newbies and expert marketers. Before investing money you can try this amazing Email marketing platform for Free up to 30 days.

RSS feeds: There are lots of RSS feeds to use. But I also prefer Feedburner as it came from Google. First of all visit Feedburner and sign in with your existing Gmail ID
(if you don’t have one please sign up for a new Gmail account) and create a feed link for your blog. Finally put the Email subscription code in your
site so that people can subscribe to get updates. As a result every time you publish new content, it will be automatically delivered to your subscribers Inbox even without
spending a single penny.


This is the proven guide that I have already used. As you know first step is not the perfect step in most of the cases,
I tried also my best to make this quick 7 Instant Traffic Method guide error free. You are also most welcome to ask me any question regarding Blogging, SEO and Internet marketing via Email or from here.